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Manage your rentals more efficiently with “The Million-Dollar Lease.”

This all-inclusive rental property lease can help you clarify expectations with tenants, save time and money, and reduce frustration.

Owning rentals shouldn’t be such a headache.

If ineffective rental management systems and an unclear lease have cost you time, money, and your personal life, you’re probably feeling frustrated and exhausted. I know this because I was in your shoes not too long ago. A lot of my frustration came from not holding tenants accountable; creating a clear, well-defined lease changed all that.

I went from 12 versions of a lease that were all over the place to one lease template that laid out everything tenants could expect (and were expected to do). Plus, I was able to easily collect the rent and fees I used to have to chase down, all because my tenants and I were finally on the same page.

And now, I’m offering this lease template to you.

Instead of having to create a lease from scratch (or paying an attorney to do so), you can use this template based on The Time-Wealthy Investor 2.0’s processes for gaining more time and financial freedom. I also created “The Million-Dollar Lease” in an editable format, which means you can easily change it to fit your needs and your rental properties.

Having rentals shouldn’t take up all of your time or rob you of your personal life. With a well-defined rental property lease and efficient management systems, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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With “The Million-Dollar Lease” as your guide, you can enjoy:

Clarifying rent and lease expectations with tenants
Increasing your portfolio while reducing your workload
Being consistent with tenants and compliant with local laws
Reaching personal and financial goals related to your vision
Having more time to do what you love, with the people you love
And more

In just the first three pages, you’ll learn how to clearly show tenants:

How and when rent is expected to be paid
What happens if a check bounces or if rent is late
Charges you can assess while a tenant is still there
What happens if they want to terminate a lease early
How to make maintenance requests
And more

Enjoy two bonus materials with “The Million-Dollar Lease”:

A sample Community Guidelines Addendum, which you can tailor to suit your specific properties
A sample Pet Addendum, which you can use to define your expectations for pets and charge extra fees to offset the risk of allowing them

This rental property lease (plus the two bonus materials) comes in at a $2,500 value — but I’m giving it to you for just $97!

Start managing your rentals more efficiently with “The Million-Dollar Lease.”

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