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Build a rental business system that makes more money, saves time, and reduces your frustration.

With my VIP Method property management course, you’ll learn how to streamline operations so your rentals no longer take over your time or personal life.

Owning rentals shouldn’t take up all of your time and money — or negatively impact your personal life.

It's a common misconception that buying rental properties will easily generate a steady stream of income with little to no effort.

The sad reality is that with no system in place, you start feeling the strain on your cash flow AND your FREE TIME!  

I know this because I’ve been where you are now.

I was always stressed about my rentals and never had free time for the people and things I love. So I developed the VIP Method, which I’ve used to grow from 92 to 250 rental units, and cut down my time on the job from 18 hours a day to two hours a week.

The VIP Method is perfect for any rental owner who’s looking to grow their business without wasting money or spending so much time away from loved ones. In my property management course, you’ll learn best practices that will help you clarify your overall vision, streamline your business operations, and add hours back into your day.


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By using the VIP Method, you can:

Increase your cash flow and number of units.
Streamline your business to run without you.
Have time for the people and things you love.
Stop spending every weekend at your rentals!

Here’s everything you get with the VIP Method property management course:

Download Library

You’ll have access to these worksheets, sample forms, letters, and checklists throughout the entire VIP Method course:
    • Vision Calendar & Timeline
    • Maintenance Survey
    • CAPEX (Capital Expenditure) & Cash Flow Calculator
    • Vacancy Checklist
    • Property Inspection Checklist
    • Sample Resident Application
    • Resident Screening Template
    • Sample Pre-Lease/Commitment Letter
    • Resident Move-In Inspection Sheet
    • Collections Checklist
    • Payment Arrangement Agreement
    • Lease Renewal Checklist
    • The Million Dollar Lease

Bonus Content

Financial & Lending Course
  • Module 1: Easy Accounting & Finance Basics
  • Module 2: How to Make Bankers Love You
  • Module 3: Getting Rid of Bad Debt
  • Module 4: Commercial Lending: Borrowing as a Business
Negotiation, Networking, & Private Group Access
  • Module 1: The Human Side of Real Estate: Negotiation & Human Skills
  • Module 2: The Human Side of Real Estate: Networking Mistakes to Avoid
  • Module 3: A Drama-Free Life (& Other Management Tips)
  • Module 4: Exclusive, Private Facebook Group for Members
Live Group Video Training
  • Once a month

Become a VIP in the Rental Business!


Get the VIP Method Course


You can get everything I listed above for

just $2,497

or three payments of $847.